Welcome back from summer! As we expect many newcomers to our arts along with the start of the new school year, this month's Yudanshakai will feature an examination of our Goshin Waza syllabus, along with teaching points for new students. We may even have a visit from an old friend. Don't miss it!
Saturday, September 8th @ 8:30am!







Please attend as many as possible. This is your club and your input is important.
Hidden in the Sales tactics of many commercial Martial Arts Schools, there is a disturbing trend. Once parents are convinced to invest in a full year contract, they are sold on the premise that their child has more talent than others, and invited to join a "black belt club." which, of course, requires an increased monthly commitment, a special uniform, special equipment, etc. At Shobukan we believe that our regular classes should possess all the tools necessary for students to progress to black belt and beyond. Admittance to our Yudanshakai is the product of your/your child's years of hard work, compassion and dedication-not a way of making more money for the school.