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Latest Exam: January 19th, 2019

Children's Judo/Jujutsu

Brown 3 (Sankyu)
Isabella Zeppa

Green Belt (Yonkyu)
Hannah Luff

Blue Belt (Rokukyu):
Braeden Radway
Emma Bannon
Nicholas Ciesla

Orange Belt (Shichikyu):
Marley Carrignan

Yellow Belt (Hachikyu):
Emily Fontaine
Julian Dugan-Costa
Caden Gonzalez
Yariel Gonzalez
Devin Grady

Adult Shobukan Karate

Orange Belt (Shichikyu)
Hunter Mariucci

Yellow Belt (Hachikyu)
Raymond Mariucci

(Just One)
28 Years
Allen F. Majane, Shihan

From Shobukan's "Ancient History"

A 25-ish Shihan Majane working kata in his girlfriend's backyard, circa 1992. Chubbier, hairier and a bit less gray, if there was room to do so, I was practicing. The red belt rank in our former system was between green and brown 3. And yes, I know my pullback is wrong and my other arm is too straight. Hey, that's why I was practicing...


As of November 2018, the Wednesday Children's class in Hampden is cancelled. Hopefully this consolidation will create better attendance of the other 3 sessions. Please remember to continue telling other parents about our school, so that we can continue to grow. More workout partners means better workouts and more fun!
Promotional Exam:

March 23rd, 2019

After School Programs:

1st classes of 2018-19

St. John the Baptist:
Tuesday, September 4th

Quarry Hill C.S.:
Wednesday, September 5th
Vacations & Holidays:

Back-to-School Vacation:
Classes Resume Tuesday, 9/4

Remaining 2019 Holidays Observed:

Monday, May 27th
(Memorial Day)

Thursday, July 4th
(Independence Day)

Monday, September 2nd
(Labor Day)

Thursday, October 31st
(5:00 kids class only)

Monday, November 11th
(Veteran's Day)

Next Vacation:

Back-to-School Vacation

Saturday, August 24th-Monday, September 2nd