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Latest Exam: June 16th, 2018

Children's Judo/Jujutsu

Green Belt (Yonkyu):
Isabella Zeppa

Purple Belt (Gokyu):
Desiree Provost

Blue Belt (Rokukyu):
Cameron Dunaj
Gemma Maleshefski

Orange Belt (Shichikyu):
Braeden Radway
Nicholas Ciesla
London Schroeder

Yellow Belt (Hachikyu):
Ethan Hawley
Emily Medlock


1 year
Marley Carrignan, Emily Medlock, Anthony Tulloch
8 Years
Miss Sarah Crouser

From Shobukan's "Ancient History"

A 25-ish Shihan Majane working kata in his girlfriend's backyard, circa 1992. Chubbier, hairier and a bit less gray, if there was room to do so, I was practicing. The red belt rank in our former system was between green and brown 3. And yes, I know my pullback is wrong and my other arm is too straight. Hey, that's why I was practicing...


As of November 2018, the Wednesday Children's class in Hampden is cancelled. Hopefully this consolidation will create better attendance of the other 3 sessions. Please remember to continue telling other parents about our school, so that we can continue to grow. More workout partners means better workouts and more fun!
Next Yudanshakai:

Saturday, December 8th @ 8:30 am
After School Programs:

1st classes of 2018-19

St. John the Baptist:
Tuesday, September 4th

Quarry Hill C.S.:
Wednesday, September 5th
Vacations & Holidays:

Back-to-School Vacation:
Classes Resume Tuesday, 9/4

Remaining 2018 Holidays Observed:

Wednesday, October 31st
(Hampden 5:30 class ONLY)

Monday, November 12th
(Veteran's Day)

Thursday, November 22nd

Next Vacation:

Winter Break:
Monday, December 24th - Tuesday, January 2nd, 2019