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Due to the pandemic and resulting shutdowns, we did not have testing for much of last year. We resumed in the winter and spring of this year with a "rolling" process that involved testing in segments. It was difficult and inconsistent, but we got the job done. These are the current ranks of our active students. Keep in mind our after-school programs have been dormant since the pandemic began.


Brown 3 (Sankyu):

Kayla Harlow

Green Belt (Yonkyu):

Cole Keeley
Brandon Duggan
Robert Duggan

Orange Belt (Shichikyu):

August Fernandes
Carter Liebel
Elliot Eckenrode

Yellow Belt (Hachikyu)

Patrick Fogarty
Camilla DiNoble
Cassius King
Carter Holstrom


NIDAN (2nd degree black belt)

Mr. Aidan Majane

SHODAN (1st degree black belt)

Mr. Charles Ackerman
Miss Isabella Zeppa

IKYU (1st degree brown belt)

Salomé Lind
Braeden Radway

GOKYU (Blue Belt):

Abigail Demers


SANDAN (3rd degree black belt)

Mr. Steven D'Ambrosio

SHODAN (1stdegree black belt)

Mr. Aidan Majane

Ikyu (1st degree brown belt)

Mr. Charles Ackerman
Hunter Mariucci
Raymond Mariucci

SANKYU (3rd degree brown belt)

Salomé Lind

YONKYU (Green belt)

Jeroemie Reyes
Joseph Davenport

ROKUKYU (Blue Belt)

Isabella Zeppa

SHICHIKYU ( Orange Belt)

Braeden Radway
Abigail Demers

From Shobukan's "Ancient History"

A 25-ish Shihan Majane working kata in his girlfriend's backyard, circa 1992. Chubbier, hairier and a bit less gray, if there was room to do so, I was practicing. The red belt rank in our former system was between green and brown 3. And yes, I know my pullback is wrong and my other arm is too straight. Hey, that's why I was practicing...


Promotional Exams

January 28th
May 27th
September 30th


February 25th
June 24th
October 28th

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After School Programs:

St. John the Baptist School

Students report to both Weds. and Thurs classes

Starting Feb. 1, 2023

Vacations & Holidays:

Regular Holidays Observed (no classes)

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

(5:00 kids class only)

(Veteran's Day)

Holiday Vacation

Closing Saturday Dec.24th and returning on Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Back-to-School Vacation

Monday August 28th through Monday, September 4th (Labor Day), 2023