Enrollment at Western Mass Martial Arts Academy is simple.  Come in and meet with one of our instructors and discuss what you want in a school and what we offer.  All instructors have the appropriate forms, or, you may download and print from the Enrollment Forms page.  We do not require annual contracts.  We believe that dedicated students will stay as long as we continue to provide quality instruction and a safe place to learn.

One-time Enrollment Fee: $65.00

Monthly Membership dues: $100.00*

*Hampden Location, unlimited access. After school programs may differ.

Annual exam fee: $65.00, paid prior to the 1st rank examination, then billed annually.

Our exam fee covers all costs of the promotion process, including belts, certificates and uniform patches.  With dedicated practice, it is possible to test up to 3 times per year at no additional cost. 

Yudanshakai (  Black Belt Club)  $60.00 annually

Our Black Belt club is for advanced training for our accepted black belts only. It meets 4 times per year.